Blog: Dave LeggettHappy Easter

Dave Leggett | 6 April 2007

It's an Easter break here, folks. The sun has got his hat on and there are chocolate eggs to be purchased and consumed. It's a public holiday today, Good Friday (April 6) and also on Easter Monday (April 9). We'll be out of the office on both days.

Graeme Roberts is firing up his barbecue this weekend and I think it's time I got out on my bicycle and left the cars alone (yesterday's monster traffic jams have left me wanting a break from the wheel, anyway).

Interesting to see news emerge yesterday that Kirk Kerkorian fancies having a go with Chrysler. The guy is certainly a tryer. Just a bit of history there...

Best wishes to all our readers, wherever you are on the globe and whether or not you get a holiday.

US: Kerkorian bids for Chrysler


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