Blog: Dave LeggettHappy Days

Dave Leggett | 5 October 2005

Citroen is a seriously value-driven brand in the UK and that is reflected in the relentless TV and print media ads pointing out the latest special offers. You know the sort of thing. Not particularly interesting-to-watch ads, that are focussed on getting the bottom line over as quickly as possible.

It should be interesting therefore to see how the Happy Days ads they will be running turn out. It could work - like Steve McQueen in the Ford Puma Bullit scene did - or it could look a bit naff. There again, maybe it will just be funny. The Fonz leaving Al's Diner and climbing into a C3 is so absurd it could get a laugh. I wonder what Henry Winkler will make of the campaign?

UK: Old Happy Days are here again in new Citroen ad


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