Blog: Dave LeggettHappy Birthday to ya...

Dave Leggett | 30 March 2011

Hey, if you're laying on the transport at a star-studded event, let the world know.

A press release from Chrysler in Britain says that the 'grace, luxury and style of Chrysler vehicles will be on display to the world tonight (30 March) when a fleet of 300C saloons and Grand Voyager people carriers act as official transport for a unique gala concert in central London'.

Five Chrysler 300C luxury saloons and 10 Voyager MPVs will be seen bringing VIP guests to the event at the Royal Albert Hall, no less.

What can it be? It's a birthday party for former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, who celebrated his 80th birthday on 2 March this year. He is, apparently, marking the occasion with a few family and friends, at the exclusive 'Gorby80' party.

It sounds like quite an event. Gorby himself was pretty popular outside of Russia as the man who ushered in the post-Soviet era and brought freedom to millions in Eastern Europe. Inside Russia he was a lot less popular as Russia went through an extremely painful economic transition.

I guess it could be argued that back in the late 1980s he set off a chain reaction that ultimately led to a much more chaotic and uncertain world – as evidenced by the nightly news bulletins – though at least we don't have nuclear missiles pointing at each other these days. He'll undoubtedly go down in history as one of the key figures of the twentieth century.

The Gorby80 website shows you who's on the bill (I was curious). Which hit song do you think the Scorpions will perform?

Anyway, happy birthday sir. (No disrespect to Chrysler, but I hope he's in something a little nicer than a Voyager on the way to the Albert...)



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