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Dave Leggett | 31 January 2005

I can just about handle the fact that oil producers have us over a barrel (if you'll forgive the pun). It's just a fact that oil isn't everywhere and the countries that possess the black gold want to cash in on it.

But the oil companies cashing in is just a little harder to take. They're all at it as one after another announces bloated revenues and record profits.

I've just had this from Bill Cawthon on Exxon Mobil:

Exxon Mobil Corporation reported its highest quarter in the company's history with net income of $8.42 billion, or $1.30 a share. The per-share figure easily exceeded analysts expectations of $1.07 a share, according to a Thomson First Call poll. Revenue reached $83.4 billion compared with $65.95 billion a year ago.


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