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Dave Leggett | 23 December 2003

I was lifted this morning by a Christmas card from Margus-Hans Kuuse in Talinn, Estonia. He's a just-auto fan and tells me in a note that he has included with the card that he is just celebrating his 60th birthday, but he’s still a very busy chap by the sound of things. He has a publications history that makes for fascinating reading and he's also seen some big changes in Estonia of course.

In his note he says that back in Soviet-era times the ‘Glavit’ censors were on the lookout for things like Jewish stars in New Year decorations and publications that showcased Western technology supremacy over that of the Soviet Union. But he managed to keep the right side of the censors until he published a series of articles on the development of American racing machinery. A call from the Estonian Communist Party in 1980 ended that, although he says European racing hardware reviews were allowed to continue - 'just not the Yankee stuff'. But he kept going in the face of considerable censorship difficulties that left Estonians poorly served in terms of automotive literature.  

He's now launching a new publication in Estonia early next year. Called simply 'AUTO', he says it is aimed at engineers and industry aficionados. In the words of the straight talking Mr Kuuse: 'The "Auto Century", thanks to Commies, was not discussed in any systematic way in Estonian language. AUTO will challenge the status quo for ever.'

If you're reading this Margus-Hans, I wish you good luck!


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