Blog: Dave LeggettGuinness Book of Records

Dave Leggett | 14 August 2003

Ah, the Guinness Book of World Records. I remember receiving copies of the annual compendium as a kid. The world's fattest, tallest, longest, fastest - it was all there. Fascinating to read. But there was always a slightly mysterious element - who were these people who set themselves up as adjudicators and arbitrators of 'records'? Where are the lines drawn on what gets in and what doesn't? I recall there was a send-up programme on British TV a while back in which people set their own world records for the most bizarre and distasteful things - number of times you could get your dog to lick your peanut butter encrusted buttocks for example (bad example, I know - but horribly true) - that sort of thing.

But at the Guinness world records HQ, I would imagine that when Ford come-a-knocking, you listen. Fastest production pickup? Let's go. Does JCB have the world's fastest production digger?


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