Blog: Dave LeggettGrowth of large SUV segment in Britain

Dave Leggett | 1 April 2003

Graeme (just-auto deputy editor Graeme Roberts) has been out and about - he was in Sussex at the end of last week for VW's UK press launch of the Touareg SUV. Sounds like VW are taking a pretty bullish line on what volume they can achieve in what they see as a growing segment in Britain. Watch out Range Rover. There's a pretty powerful V10 diesel but there again, £50K is quite a price for a VW off-roader I think. Interesting idea though, that the big SUV segment in Britain has growth potential just as increasing doubts are being expressed about big SUV volumes in the US. I see Kelly Blue Book has come in for a real slamming from 'SUV Owners of America' over its latest SUV market findings. The guys at SUVOA certainly seem pretty worked up.


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