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Simon Warburton | 20 July 2011

Axing nuclear power in Germany will require massive energy replacement

Axing nuclear power in Germany will require massive energy replacement

Germany's Bundesrat - where individual federal state governments participate directly in the decisions of the national State or Federation - has just given its consent to the country's grid expansion acceleration as it looks to make up for what will be a brutally swift axing of its nuclear power.

Some estimates have put this at around a 20% energy shortfall that Germany will have to find, following public pressure as a result of Japan's massive earthquake earlier this year.

And this from Federal Minister of Economics and Technology Dr. Philipp Rösler - naturally a Doctor - who isn't in Germany?

"However, [the] positive news doesn't mean we can sit back and relax," he said optimistically. "Because now we have to work hard on the practical implementation of our decisions to transform our energy supply.

"As Federal Economics Minister, I will be paying special attention to electricity prices and energy security."

That special attention includes the grid expansion acceleration, whose German translation according to the good Doctor, is a meaty 'Netzausbaubeschleunigungsgesetz.'

I'm constantly fascinated by German words and their extraordinary length, but even by that great country's standards, this one is magnificent, almost meriting an entire line on its own.

I dare say if you put 'gridexpansionaccleration' in English all together it would look a bit daunting. But we don't. I bet even Germans would find it a challenge.


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