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Dave Leggett | 1 November 2007

We recently published an informative feature article by Rebecca Wright looking at the biofuels scene in Sweden. I was reminded of the article earlier this week when I drove past a Statoil petrol station just outside Visby on the island of Gotland. It was selling E85 and the fact that you can easily fill up with the stuff in Sweden is just one of a host of measures designed to collectively encourage the market away from fossil fuels and also reduce CO2 emissions from transportation.

The feature tells the story. 

Of course the Swedes are a clean lot, but so are Germans and more particularly the young (like policemen, they appear to be getting youger) high-flyers at BMW. They all seem to have bicycles and a BMW powertrain expert I spoke to regularly leaves his car at home and cycles the 20km each way to work. I liked that.

FEATURE: Sweden turns rest of Europe green with envy


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