Blog: Dave LeggettGreen Cross Code? Tufty club?

Dave Leggett | 19 November 2009

I guess we've moved on from the days when kids could be given simple messages about how to cross the road (the few that is, that get the chance to actually use their legs and mental faculties to walk from one place to another and not glide above it all from the rear of an SUV or minivan). Yep, it has to be more sophisticated now if you really want to connect with da kids. So the UK government has commissioned an online game that is heavy with metaphorical messages about the need to be careful when crossing things. I guess it all helps, so I applaud the initiative. Here's hoping that it makes a connection with the young children it's aimed at (and that they are not all way too busy with the latest Call of Duty). While we're on the subject, is the Green Cross Code man (the original guy, I believe, also donned Darth Vader's cloak and mask in Star Wars) still going? And what happened to that amiable and wise squirrel called Tufty?


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