Blog: Dave LeggettGoodbye to Iran's Paykan (Hillman Hunter)?

Dave Leggett | 30 September 2003

It sounds as if a deal to make the Renault 5,000 euro X90 (L90) in Iran is now close to being signed. The idea is that it'll be made in sufficient volume and at a price point that will enable it to replace the ubiquitous Paykan, the Hillman Hunter model made by Rootes and sold to Iran by the British during the 1970s. What a success that model has been for Iran! On conventional investment criteria it must be one of the most sucessful models in automotive history. That's a bit double edged of course, because its continuation over the decades has reflected a lack of investment in the Iranian auto industry. But to see the Hillman Hunter - a car from my childhood - coming down the assembly line at Iran Khodro's massive Tehran facility alongside the Peugeot 206 was really something else. But the X90 is certainly a sign of progress and modernisation for Iran's auto industry. Wonder when the Paykan will really finally finish though? I'd guess it has a few more years left yet.


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