Blog: Dave LeggettGolf V a bit pricey?

Dave Leggett | 21 January 2004

Reports that the latest generation Golf is off to a slow start have a familiar ring. Production ramp-up problems have been an issue for Volkswagen before. But if a reported slow start is due to anything more fundamental connected with the product, VW will be acutely concerned. One observation that is obvious is that Volkswagen has made new Golf generations progressively bigger and positioned them further upscale. That's reflected in the price of course. Has that particular pudding been over-egged? There's a lot of good competition for the Golf now and some of it is pretty aggressively priced (especially, I'm told, when you price up a new Golf loaded with extras, compared with what comes as standard on, say, Mazda3). Should be interesting to keep an eye on Golf V sales figures over the next few months and keep an ear out for any reports of discounting by dealers in Germany - which really would, I think, be quite unprecedented at this stage in the model's lifecycle.


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