Blog: Dave LeggettGoldman Sachs - the bank with no name

Dave Leggett | 13 November 2003

I'm off up to central London this evening for a meeting with Goldman Sach's Keith Hayes. Among his responsibilities at the investment bank is equities analysis and research conducted for the autos sector in Europe. It's always good to chew the cud with Keith - we go back a very long way and I count him as one of my oldest friends. I knew him well before his City days and we share a similar sense of humour. Like me, Keith is also not averse to the occasional glass of beer, so the venue will be a smoke-filled bar off Fleet Street (once the home of Britain's daily newspapers, but no longer) in central London where Goldman Sachs is located.

Here's some unusual trivia for you. Goldman Sachs never has the company name or even a logo at the entrance to their premises. You just have to know that they're at the plush building with no name and lots of smart young things going in and out. Not sure what the origin of that tradition is.

Keith and I have been discussing that report on China that Goldmans has recently issued and some of its findings with respect to Volkswagen. We'll continue tonight I'm sure, but once we've done that and the 'Chinese conundrum' to death, we'll likely be on to more important things - like Arsenal's slim chances of progressing to the next round of the UEFA Champions League. A hangover tomorrow is a distinct possibility I fear.


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