Blog: Dave LeggettGoing underground

Dave Leggett | 5 August 2010

Apologies for my lack of presence in the blog recently (glad to see my colleagues are keeping it ticking over), but it has just been astonishingly busy here lately with some things that you cannot yet see.

Some of it is development work that should become visible in a few months' time.

I think people who are familiar with my scribblings over the years know that I am not prone to hyperbole or talking things up: I'll just say this – we are investing much resource into it, and my brain hurts with some of what's gone on (some of that being database crunching as well as the more intellectual stuff). 

But it has been hugely rewarding to see something that we have talked about in long meetings as a concept slowly but surely becoming a reality. It's being beta tested at the mo and we have a big customer looking over it. Real team effort. We still have a way to go before going public, but it builds on the website redesign of this year and is a massively logical step (think research content, as well as news). I look forward to revealing more over the coming months.


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