Blog: Dave LeggettGoing to Prague

Dave Leggett | 22 June 2007

I'm in Prague next week for the annual Automotive News Europe Congress. I try and get along most years - there are some good speakers, it's an opportunity to take the industry's pulse and there are usually quite a few people I know there. I must also admit to looking forward to a cold glass of Budweiser Budvar or Pilsner Urquell at some point.

While in Prague I'll try and make a few blog postings, t'internet access permitting. The programme kicks off with a tour of the Skoda plant in Mlada Boleslav (I wonder what the correct pronounciation of that is) on Monday morning. It includes a look at the Octavia assembly line and we get to go to the Skoda museum too, where we can be reminded what Skodas used to be like.

What a journey Skoda has been on since VW acquired it. This factoid on Wikipedia is beautifully ironic (given what Skodas used to be like - or at least how the cars were perceived in the West), if true. Can we trust it? Perhaps I have found a Czech phrase to use if I spill my Budvar:

In Czech, the word 'skoda' means "damage, detriment, disadvantage", and occurs in the stock phrase "to je skoda", which roughly means, "It's a pity".


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