Blog: Dave LeggettGoing gangbusters

Dave Leggett | 23 October 2003

If you read the weekly e-mail sent out yesterday you may have noticed that the phrase 'going gangbusters' was mentioned in relation to rising diesel car sales in Europe. I asked in brackets if anyone knew of the origin of the phrase. Many Americans may already know, but some non-Americans - including myself - did not. A helpful chap has e-mailed me with a full explanation:

'In the '30s, there was a cops and robbers radio show in the U.S. called Gang Busters. It began with a screaming police car siren, as the announcer yelled GAANG BUSTERS!!. The idea was, this special squad got there while the perps were still doing their thing, and arrested them, so they had to be quick. Ergo, "going like gangbusters."'

My thanks to the reader for that and I'm glad we've cleared that one up.


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