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Dave Leggett | 7 December 2004

Deepesh Rathore, our man in India and the editorial director behind a newsletter you may have come across - Auto Analyst India - has just been in touch to say that he's about to leave home and catch a flight to Singapore to speak at a conference on Asia's auto industry run by Economist Conferences. It's his first big conference and he's wondering what to expect, but he knows his stuff and is a confident guy, so he'll be fine I'm sure.

I encouraged him to do it when he was invited and asked me for my views - should be a very good audience there for one thing. I'm looking forward to his report when he gets back. And I hope he has got to the bottom of the Bangladesh car market by now. My suggestion that they may be more interested in rowing boats than cars wasn't too helpful. Below is a link to the conference programme. Go Deepesh!

Economist Conference programme


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