Blog: Dave LeggettGM’s ‘New Vectra’ in Brazil

Dave Leggett | 28 June 2005

Interesting news item from our man in Rio – Rogerio Louro – came in today. GM in Brazil has designed a new model locally – New Vectra – on an old Astra platform. The new model replaces an old generation European Vectra that has just gone out of production. Presumably, the new design is better proportioned and designed for local tastes. From the photo, it looks like a pretty decent effort. Something to look out for in the Brazilian trade association ANFAVEA’s monthly data bulletins. Actually, if you follow Brazil’s auto industry, the ANFAVEA website is a very good resource (

The below link to the New Vectra news item includes a pic of the car.

EXCLUSIVE: BRAZIL: GM reveals first details of the new Brazilian-unique Vectra


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