Blog: Dave LeggettGM's 24-hour test drives

Dave Leggett | 8 April 2003

My eyebrows were raised at this. It is being reported that GM is going to allow overnight test drives on many of its models in the US in order to get people in GM vehicles. That raises the competitive ante a bit. The offer will last from April 15 through July 31 and will apply to nearly every GM model, excluding the Hummer H1, Cadillac XLR, Chevrolet SSR and Chevrolet Corvette, company officials have said. Drivers must leave their current vehicle at the dealership but then they may test drive the vehicles for 24 hours, although they are limited to 100 miles and the vehicle must remain in the dealer's state.

Daily Hire firms must be wondering what impact this may have on their business. Dealers must be wondering just how strong take-up will be and how many time-wasters will simply be drawn to 24 hours in something a bit different or have a need for a particular type of vehicle for a particular job. Interesting move though. Will Ford follow?


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