Blog: Glenn BrooksGMC: you thinking what I'm thinking?

Glenn Brooks | 11 January 2012

General Motors has four US market divisions. Three of those had new products at the Detroit show. We heard nothing about GMC. I wonder... fact I've been wondering if GMC has a future ever since last year's announcement about the new Chevrolet Colorado for the Wenztville plant in Missouri. What about a replacement for the current model's twin, the GMC Canyon? On that topic there was only silence. The Canyon hasn't been a strong seller so it's reasonable for GM to replace both it and the Colorado with just one vehicle.

I still wonder about GMC, though. As a brand it was outsold by Jeep last year in the US and it has no markets of notable size outside North America. If you were GM, wouldn't you start to think about merging its products into Chevrolet? In fact, that's what's been going on for some years.

All should be resolved within this calendar year. A small crossover, a production version of the Granite concept, is expected for the 2013 model year, plus of course the most important new product is also due for 2013 - the next generation GMC Sierra pick-up (and its twin, the Chevy Silverado). The Acadia crossover is due for a mid-life facelift too, while a successor for the Yukon SUV series should also be reaching reaching GMC dealerships in early 2013.

With fuel prices where they are, GMC's higher-priced trucks must surely be big money-spinners, as indeed must the Terrain SUV be, production of which seems to keep rising. But what about tomorrow? I myself think GMC will survive but I wouldn't expect to see quite so many model lines for this division in the future. Let's wait and see what next month's Chicago motor show brings, or failing that, New York in April. If there's no new product at either of those, we'll have our answer.


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