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Dave Leggett | 22 November 2005

It’s all kicking off at GM now, as we’d all been expecting it would have to at some point. Are the latest announced steps the right ones? Do they address the underlying causes of GM’s woes? Are they enough? Could they even exacerbate GM’s problems? There seem to be a host of different views on these questions emerging, but the UAW’s response is perhaps one of the most predictable. And the UAW does have a point, of course – the workers are exposed and bear the brunt in these cost-cutting situations. Hard to see how the pain can be avoided now though.

But I have an idea for a new reality TV show – it’s a kind of job-swap/Trading Places thing. The UAW’s Gettelfinger or Shoemaker trade places with GM CEO Rick Wagoner for one week. TV cameras follow them both around. The 'compare and contrast' element could be interesting for the viewer. And then at the end of the week the two men come together and share their experiences. Or, instead of actually swaping roles, each one shadows the other perhaps (on second thoughts, that would be less risky). There might, at least, be a bit more empathy around. 

USA: Union blames management for GM woes


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