Blog: Dave LeggettGM, UAW do a 'tentative' deal

Dave Leggett | 26 September 2007

It's not all that surprising that GM and the UAW came to a 'tentative' contract agreement before things got out of hand. We've seen brinkmanship in these sorts of negotiations in the past.

I expect Rick Wagoner was hanging back unless needed, if a deal continued to be elusive, as a big gun in reserve, another card to play.

The fact that a strike was called but didn't go on too long probably suits both sides, actually, as the impression given is that a hard deal was eventually struck.

The UAW can say it pushed things right to the edge (selling the deal to its members was never going to be a piece of cake) and GM's negotiators will similarly have created the impression that they wrought as many concessions out of the UAW as was possible in order to create a more competitive GM. 

All things considered, it's probably the best compromise - viewed from either side - that could be achieved.

GM and UAW reach tentative agreement


GM and UAW do a deal

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