Blog: Dave LeggettGM okay for 'discussions'

Dave Leggett | 7 July 2006

At first sight it looks like GM's Rick Wagoner may have buckled a little under the strain today after being so publicly bounced by Kirk Kerkorian into having exploratory talks with Renault-Nissan. He must be a bit cheesed off with Kerkorian's tactics, to say the least. 

But let's face it, Kerkorian has got something out of this; it's 1-0 to Kerkorian, twenty minutes into the first half, although the game is far from over yet. 

I'm sure Wagoner will know how to conduct himself in the particular theatre that will be the discussions with Renault and he is the head man on the GM side. ('Carlos, we also know how to squeeze our suppliers hard here. Pips are squeaking. Have you heard of Chapter 11?')

I would have said he deserves a bit more of a chance and I hope he feels he has some support in the boardroom (he got big backing a few months ago). GM in the US is a mess, but there have been some hopeful signs lately. June's bad looking sales numbers need to be seen against the comparison with last year. GM is not doing too badly outside of the US (though Saab needs a good sorting).

How much time does GM really have and whose judgement do you trust? Someone like Wagoner who is perhaps 'institutionalised', or a guy like Kerkorian whose motives may be just a little suspect? And what would Ghosn really add? Valid points for debate.

I am now leaving the office. Miller Time (or more accurately, a pint of Wadworth's 6X sounds good). Good weekends all.   

US: GM board OKs alliance talks


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