Blog: Graeme RobertsGM does a One Ford - quietly

Graeme Roberts | 12 October 2011


Today's teaser for the 2013 TrailBlazer

They haven't made the same amount of noise as the guys under the blue oval across town but the boys with the bow tie badge are fast doing their version of One Ford - one model for global sale with more or less minimal changes by market.

Like Ford with Cologne, GM has small car expertise outside the US, primarily at Opel in Germany and GM Korea in Seoul.

For the US, it started with the Chevrolet Aveo (imported) and mushroomed into the Cruze (US-built), upcoming Malibu (US built) and now today we hear of another, the TrailBlazer, this time on the new Colorado truck platform developed primarily by GM Brazil. Thailand will build many of the trucks but there will be US build for both that and the new TrailBlazer.

That's four to Ford's two for the US so far (Fiesta and Focus; the new Ranger won't be going Stateside; the C-Max seven-seat plan was axed but the Hybrid and Energi (plug-in hybrid) five-seaters are promised) but so far there's been no shouting from RenCentre of a catchy tagline equivalent to 'OneFord'. Suggestions?


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