Blog: Dave LeggettGM, bailout, Corvette and Jay Leno

Dave Leggett | 10 December 2008

Well, it looks like a deal has been cobbled together between leading Democrats and the White House for some 'tideover' loan finance that should stave off immediate crisis at least. I wonder who will get the 'car czar' overseer role. To have credibility, it has to be someone with a reputation for financial prudence, or good business sense who is clearly not a 'car guy'. Paul Volcker's name has been mentioned. I wonder if I can lay a bet at Paddy Power yet? Jack Welch? What's Bill Gates up to now?.

As far as I can see, this $15bn deal takes us into Q1, when a whole lot more discussion gets under way on what happens next, the new Obama administration's attitude a key element.

There's some chatter on various websites about what might happen to bits of GM in the Ch 7 break-up scenario. There's even a suggestion in some quarters that Toyota might be a good home for Corvette. Yes folks, it's a crazy world we are living in.

I believe Jay Leno is something of a 'Vette fan. I enjoyed watching this Leno vid, the guy enthusing about the qualities of the new ZR1. Did he really say $60,000 a gallon for the high tech paint that won't crack in the sun?



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