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Glenn Brooks | 17 May 2011

Chery Beat

Chery Beat

For anyone who needs to keep a close eye on new vehicles entering the markets of South America, I've just added the following model to our current and future vehicles database, PLDB. The little Chery Beat goes on sale in Chile later this month (and yes, you have heard that model name before - the rest of the world's Chevy Spark is built and sold in India as the Beat).

As for some of the other cars it sells in Chile, Chery has selected some truly terrific names. Try these for size: Face, Destiny, Skin, and Skin Sport. Unimprovable.

If you'll forgive me for the unsubtle plug above and you're now curious about gaining searchable access to things such as the model names used by Chinese brands in various global markets, take the PLDB (global vehicle production life database) tour. Here:



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