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Dave Leggett | 18 March 2009

I'm on a trip to Pau (near the French Pyrenees) today for a Mini Convertible launch event. It will be interesting to hear about the new car and also market prospects for it. And yes, I'm not exactly complaining about the opportunity to do some top down motoring somewhere nice where there should be some warm sunshine going on. Tough job but someone has to do it etc..

One odd thing that I am having trouble getting my head around. There's an optional 'Always-Open Timer' that provides an exact record of the time spent driving with the roof down. For people with slight OCD tendencies - like me, I'll admit - I can see it assuming an importance way beyond what it should. 'Just once more round the block and then I'll hit the hour mark.' Okay, that timer is a bit of fun I know, but it is a bit daft, isn't it? 


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