Blog: Dave LeggettGettin' down with the kids

Dave Leggett | 18 July 2006

Opel/Vauxhall Corsa world premiere yesterday was a curious affair. A helicopter lifted a new Corsa down the River Thames so that we (the assembled and pretty sizeable throng on the terrace of the Old Billingsgate meat market, situated in a prime area of town) could have a good gawp at it as we quaffed Champagne. (Yes, I suspect that anyone being shown the gate at a restructured GM plant in the US would have found the scene a little bit distasteful.) Cool stunt though.

My main problem though was back in the hall trying to hear myself think when the 'music' started. We had some hip-hop/rap/I don't know what it is sort of stuff. 'Urban Strides/Shlomo' kicked it off and then later we had 'Sean Paul' - the main event I think (he seemed to be well into this corporate gig). Looks like GM is going for youngsters. Even the lettering and colours they've used on the Corsa sub-logo smacks of the Early Learning Centre.  

UK: Gen 4 Corsa flies in to London


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