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Dave Leggett | 28 January 2004

We're having our usual late January discussion here about how we cover the Geneva Motor Show in March. Should we go over just for the day, can we stretch our budget to hotel bills, who goes, what are we trying to get out of it, who might we want to see there and so on. Going over for the press day alone is pretty tiring in my experience and there's always the danger of the flight being delayed, so that productive time is limited still further. 

But at least flights are cheap these days thanks to the impact of low-cost carriers in Europe. And I found out yesterday that British Airways - dragged along kicking and screaming by the no-frills competition - does Geneva from London for just £75. I can remember not that many years ago paying the best part of £500 to fly BA to and from somewhere in Germany. And there are some truly amazing European flight deals on Ryanair. It costs more to travel from London to Birmingham by train - someone in our office recently got stung on that one, a ticket was over £100 - than it does to fly to the other side of Europe. The world's clearly gone bonkers (a hypothesis further supported by the sight of a Porsche Cayenne being used as an emergency vehicle by a fire department in Germany on the front cover of this week's Automotive News Europe). Will it last though?


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