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Dave Leggett | 1 March 2006

Funny to hear about the taxi drivers’ strike in Geneva. Well, I don’t really mean ‘funny’ – it’s certainly no laughing matter if you really need a taxi and you cannot get one. For myself and two colleagues travelling together (just-auto deputy editor Graeme Roberts and our corporate sales man William Johnston) it was a short train journey to Nyon and a stopover there – no taxis required at any point. Nice little town, actually. Quiet cobbled streets; a big chateau overlooking the lake. ‘Rosti burger’ in a brewpub there really hit the spot.
Did I get around the whole show? No, there just wasn’t time to see everything and talk to everyone I needed to talk to. And there was a constant stream of press conferences to assault the senses.

The gorgeous Alfa Romeo Spider is the car I most would have liked to have driven away, although I did like the smooth lines of the Jaguar XK – first time I have seen it in the flesh - a lot. Augurs well I think for the models in the pipeline. I hope Jaguar comes good for Ford now that there seems to be little doubt that Ford is really committed to turning Jaguar around. No going back. Lewis Booth nailed that one on Monday at the analysts’ conference.

The link below is to a rather reflective piece I have written that tries to put this year's Geneva Show into some sort of broader industrial context. Not sure I have done the Ford S-Max justice with the picture at the bottom of the article - it looked much better in real life than my photo suggests.

GENEVA REVIEW: Niches offer volume gain hope in tight market


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