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Simon Warburton | 1 March 2011

The Geneva show

The Geneva show's appeal for media includes Palexpo's location beside the airport; an easy walk

First day (1 March)) of this year's Geneva Motor Show after arriving from an eerily quiet London Heathrow yesterday - a sign of the times?

Geneva city's not exactly going to win any awards for architectural beauty, but the show itself is already abuzz with more optimistic noises than last year - despite the almost daily spike in oil prices.

Switzerland continues to power ahead mind, with the ads for luxury watches completely outnumbering those for the car show, which only merits the briefest of mentions on the news here.

Perhaps that's because Hillary Clinton and William Hague are in town to discuss the rapidly evolving Libyan crisis - a situation that automakers are eyeing nervously - as one put it this morning - US$200 a barrel would certainly be a "crisis."

Ford stole a march yesterday on its competitors, holding an afternoon bash to unveil its new B-Max MPV, with its innovative rear sliding doors - although the furnace-like heat of the President Wilson hotel (where we're billeted) was certainly a talking point.

Word was that Vdub had an intimate gathering for 1,400 last night, but we were entertained by Vauxhall's managing director Duncan Aldred, who gave some great background on securing the England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales football sponsorships.

Back into the fray now - I write this sitting in a Geneva press room the size of an aircraft hangar - a Tower of Babel complete with dozens of foreign languages all being spoken at 100mph at once.

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