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Dave Leggett | 4 January 2006

Now we are into January, the Geneva Show isn't so very far away. In fact, the first press day is on February 28th. Alas, the bulk of the conveniently located, comfortable and inexpensive hotel rooms in Geneva on the night of February 27th seem to have largely gone now. I did a big search last night and the options in Geneva itself didn't look too fantastic. Yes, there is an inexpensive hotel with rooms available in it but it is on the wrong side of the city entailing a long taxi ride across Geneva in the rush hour - you know the sort of thing. Also, the desperate prospect of a night at Stansted or Gatwick in a hotel room so that I could be on a 6:30am flight and do a full day at the show didn't sound too appealing (I don't function well after brutally early starts).

I started to cast the net wider. But then we're into the hassle of car hire, long journeys etc? Not necessarily. There is a town called Nyon that I have been through on the train before on the railway line that runs alongside Lac Leman from Geneva to Montreux. It is a half hour journey (not at all unpleasant either) from Nyon to Geneva Aeroport (right next door to Palexpo where the show is) and the trains are regular (the national Swiss railway has a very nice website that enabled me to check easily). In Nyon there is a Best Western hotel that looks eminently suitable offering rooms at a very reasonable sounding CHF150 a night (about £65). I messed about too long on Expedia and room availability dried up in front of me as Expedia's allocation was presumably taken up. If you are quick though you can still book a room online via the Best Western website, which is what I did.

Hopefully, Swiss railways permitting, I can rock up to the show on the first press day nice and early and fresh as a daisy.

If you are going to Geneva on a tight budget, just don't leave it too late to book your flight and accommodation is my advice. It's a pain, but if you get it sorted now you can then put your energy into getting the most out of your time there.

Geneva Show website


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