Blog: Dave LeggettGeneva-bound

Dave Leggett | 27 February 2006

I'm heading to Geneva today, ahead of the first Geneva Show press day tomorrow. I'm on a BA flight out of London Gatwick this afternoon and then it's the train to Nyon for an overnight stay. Plenty of people to see tomorrow and a long list of cars to check out, press conferences to attend. The nice thing about the Geneva Show is that it is much smaller than say, Frankfurt IAA, and you can pretty much guarantee that you will bump into people you haven't seen for a while. 

The show is also right next to the airport, so logistics are easy for most and it usually has a noticeably more relaxed air than the Frankfurt or Paris shows. Mind you, I expect there will be several media scrums tomorrow (there are two sorts in my experience: the scrum for an exec's immediate time when he stands down after press conference presentation and Q&A; and the unseemly scrum for free food that has suddenly become available). 


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