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Dave Leggett | 5 September 2006

It were a bit hectic yesterday and I could have done without an overturned truck blocking the M40 exit slipway at the Gaydon junction. Meeting was worth going to, if a bit predictable. It seems that PRs have trouble understanding all the websites out there (understandable) and the implication is that online publishers need to make greater efforts to explain themselves. It's all about developing relationships etc. Cliches, but true.

Meet up with people, explain who you are and what your publication is all about, who reads it and why, and you can usually make progress - or at least understand where people are coming from.

If the folks at some car companies still take the attitude that they only deal with newspapers, mags or TV and websites can just take a hike, well, more fool them. Thankfully, such blinkered views are much rarer now than five years ago.

Anyway, distinctions between print media and online are blurring rapidly in both business and consumer areas. Most print publications have an online presence - newspapers for example and they are increasingly very good in their own right (eg - can't remember the last time I actually purchased a hardcopy of the pink 'un).

I noticed recently that CAR magazine has just taken itself online (at long last - click here) and that its online version will not simply be an online mirror of the print pub. Good to see more people are 'getting it'.

I did do a quick tour of the museum once again. Good of Ford to host what is basically a tribute to British Leyland. If you get the chance and think you would enjoy looking at prototypes and concepts that never made it into production (like an estate version of the Rover SD1 - sort of cool in a 'we're automotive Millwall, no-one likes us and we don't care' kind of way) of interest, I suggest you enjoy Gaydon and its quiet dignity (you won't exactly get knocked over in the crowds) while you can.

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