Blog: Dave LeggettGas guzzlers?

Dave Leggett | 26 October 2006

What exactly is a 'gas guzzler'? Who decides what's acceptable and what's not? What if I own a large car but only use it for occasional trips to the country to visit members of my family? How does that square with the guy in the smaller car who is in it every day, racks up a zillion miles a year, revs it up for fun and never uses public transport or walks anywhere?

If we want to tackle CO2 and we're picking on motorised transport (a part of one's 'carbon footprint' admittedly, but far from the whole story), where's the biggest bang for the buck to be found? More people in clean diesels? Ethanol added to all petrol automatically, at say 5%? It would be good if some learned people were charged to look into all the possibilities and lay out the options - what's practical, what the costs are, what works best on the basis of experiences around the world, what levers can be pulled (or not) and on what timescale.

And politicians would be kept right out of it, at this stage.

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