Blog: Dave LeggettGarel Rhys on the UK Government's Budget

Dave Leggett | 24 April 2009

Here in Britain, this week's Budget has been very much in the news. The bottom line is that the position of the UK economy is pretty bad - there's a yawning deficit on the public accounts that this government is largely leaving for the next one to grapple with. It's little wonder the opposition doesn't like it, but you'd kind of expect them to focus on the bad stuff.

The folks at Automotive PR have just received an independent view of the Budget from highly respected academic and auto industry commentator Professor Garel Rhys. He's not pulling any punches and labels some of Chancellor Darling's 'delusions' over the economy as absurd. I'd expect Osbourne to say that but this is an independent academic with no political axe to grind. Yikes! Read it for yourself.


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