Blog: Dave LeggettGame-changers don't come easy

Dave Leggett | 3 June 2008

Looks like something of a shake-out is continuing at GM in terms of rebalancing North American capacity and product offerings. (Sounds like the May US sales figures are about to make depressing reading for the Detroit Three).

I'm keeping the ears open for news on the Volt - and especially the lithium-ion battery technology it incorporates. The impression I get is that there has been some progress but that the technology still requires quite a bit of work to get it anywhere near production ready - and that's also a general point, not GM-specific. 

I was talking to a colleague about Honda's 'low-cost' hybrid yesterday - it gets shown in Paris. That's another interesting one. Can Honda really do a dedicated hybrid - rather than shoehorning the hybrid gubbins into an existing model like the Civic - cheaply? Is Toyota still losing money on the Prius (it probably depends on how you count the billions of dollars spent on hybrid R&D/engineering over the years and how you spread it around in the accounts...)?

Game-changers don't come cheap or easy.


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