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Dave Leggett | 27 June 2005

If you have a powerful brand you have a clear duty to your shareholders to extract the maximum return over time. The Mercedes-Benz brand may be having some difficulties in the car market at the minute, but it is still a brand that commands some considerable respect.

I wonder how sizeable the peripheral market for what might be termed ‘trinkets, toys and accessories’ is to companies like BMW and Mercedes-Benz? It can’t make much money surely and exists basically as a feel-good thing for employees and enthusiasts, I would guess.

Passing through Stuttgart airport recently I noticed a dedicated Mercedes-Benz shop which was selling all sorts of Mercedes-Benz branded stuff ranging from the usual baseball caps and T-shirts through to models of the cars, jewellery and watches. Before heading for the cheap booze in the duty free shop, I took a quick browse. Actually, the watches looked pretty good and they were quite competitively priced I thought. I just about managed to restrain myself from a 100-euro impulse purchase (I really do not need any more watches, no, not at all, absolutely and positively not).

But what about a Mercedes branded watch with a built-in MP3 player? I must admit the concept has got me a little curious. Not sure I have come across such a gadget yet and I think maybe it answers a question that nobody has asked, at least seriously. After all, you can pick up very compact MP3 players pretty cheaply now and you would still need to carry earphones with you to use the player on this watch. £324 for such a gadget seems a tad steep also, perhaps. But, yes, I would like to try one out.

UK: Mercedes-Benz launches multifunction wristwatch with MP3 player


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