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Dave Leggett | 27 March 2006

Regular users of just-auto cannot fail to have noticed that just-auto has been given something of a revamp. We think we’ve improved the website in a number of areas and that it will become a better business tool for you, the automotive industry professional.

Besides the obvious redesign and all-new appearance, there are a number of refinements that are designed to help you get more efficiently to the information you need, when you need it.

Before long, we’ll all become very accustomed to the new design and thoughts of the last one (a trusty old friend that served us well for several years) will be well and truly behind us.

One improvement in the new design that I would like to bring to your attention is the streaming of the news articles by specialist area. If, for example, you want our latest technology news, component sector news or if emerging markets are your bag, there it is, all sorted at the click of a mouse. Clever stuff that can save time.

In my time as editor of just-auto I have worked with four basic website designs, including this new one. Each successor has followed the previous one in an evolutionary way, retaining core strengths but in an updated and modernised setting.

Our small but dedicated in-house technical team is available to help with any problems, so please bear with us if you are missing something. Just drop me a line and we’ll be very happy to help.

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