Blog: Dave Leggett"Futuring manager" at Ford

Dave Leggett | 5 June 2013

Every now and then you come across someone and a job title and you think to yourself: now that is a very cool job to have. I have just had one of those moments.

I was looking for something in the investors area of Ford's website and I came across something intriguing that is also on YouTube (below). Sheryl Connelly is Ford's 'Global Consumer Trends and Futuring Manager'. Watch the clip. Fascinating. I like her visualisation approach to getting ideas across. Good to know that in a big corporation like Ford, there is someone tasked to look at longer term socio-economic trends and how they impact markets, future demand for the firm's products.

Speaking of longer term trends, there will be an analysis piece on just-auto later on future urban mobility (provided I don't get distracted, too much...).



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