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Dave Leggett | 19 December 2003

"The Chinese are much more adroit, farseeing and innovative than the Japanese. It will be an order of magnitude different when they really start to compete. China won't just innovate on others' ideas; they want to break free even though they've been going to sleep for over 200 years. They are very entrepreneurial and adroit in a way that the Japanese aren't. The Chinese have the extra gift of the true entrepreneur." Who said that? Professor Garel Rhys, a highly respected auto industry academic from Cardiff Business School, that's who.

He was speaking to Neil Winton who was researching a feature for just-auto. Neil really seems to have succeeded in getting various industry experts to cut to the quick when looking at the issues ahead for the auto industry. Ford as part of an alliance with Toyota and GM owned by the Chinese? Rhys speculates that major shifts of that sort of magnitude are to be expected in the very long run. An interesting feature that is well worth a read.


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