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Dave Leggett | 30 January 2006

The debate on energy usage and its environmental consequences rumbles on. It is complicated enough for scientists to get their heads around it, so what chance politicians (working off condensed briefs prepared by their advisors) and laymen (reliant on the media)? And, for that matter, there seems to be quite a bit of debate in the international scientific community about the strength of the man-made contribution to global warming and associated timescales. There’s another scientists’ report in the news today based on CO2 parts per million in the atmosphere that had me scratching my head.

But I have come across something that is an interesting read, developing alternative scenarios for the way the world could go by 2055. It isn’t the usual dry scientific stuff and there are even eerily plausible looking timelines, case studies on how people are living their lives, artist impressions of how communities are living with respect to their energy usage and transportation solutions. I’m a sucker for this sort of futurology stuff done well, I must admit.

Click below to read (or save a copy of the pdf file and print it off for reading on your next CO2-intensive journey by air). Let’s hope we don’t go the way of the ‘tribal trading’ scenario (think Mad Max).

Foresight - Intelligent Infrastructure Futures, The Scenarios - Towards 2055


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