Blog: Dave LeggettFuture Mobility 2013 (FM13)

Dave Leggett | 19 July 2013

Let me introduce you to FM13. We are planning to host a conference in Detroit in November this year. It's called 'Future Mobility 2013' and we're already firmly in the habit of using the acronym FM13. The idea behind FM13 is to address the challenges ahead for mobility and to focus on the changes that are now forcing their way onto companies' planning horizons. 

We'll be looking at new models for urban mobility, developments in connectivity, powertrain and emissions, as well as advanced driver assistance systems and how technology will alter the driving experience.

We're putting the event together now and I can say that some exciting and well known speakers, experts in the field, are being lined up. 

Follow the below link to register for more information and future updates. Not only that, but - good heavens - registrants will also be able to immediately download a full report (packed with data and charts) we have produced on this subject.

Register your interest in FM13


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