Blog: Dave LeggettFuel tanks

Dave Leggett | 26 August 2009

Do you give much thought to the materials or construction of your car's fuel tank? Me neither. I know there are firms like Plastic Omnium who make the plastic ones that are commonplace these days and I assume that modern design standards mean that fuel tanks are made to be pretty safe in most accident impacts (and a far cry, some say, from the old Ford Pinto). Problems with fuel tanks are pretty rare these days and the use of plastic in construction has made them generally safer, lighter and - at sufficiently high volume - cheap. Good work, guys.

But did you know that the share taken by steel fuel tanks has, after many years of decline, stabilised and that steel tanks are the preferred choice for Partial Zero Emission Vehicles? Or that there are some issues with fuel tanks and bio-fuels? You can find out more in Matthew 'Beechy' Beecham's exclusive feature on the subject...

RESEARCH ANALYSIS: Review of fuel tanks


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