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Dave Leggett | 23 February 2005

I was speaking on the telephone to just-auto columnist Rob Golding earlier. I'll be seeing him later at the PSA 2004 results presentation in London. PSA CEO Jean-Martin Folz and CFO Yann Delabriere do it first in Paris and then get on a plane and do it all over again in London (for some reason singer and drummer Phil Collins' two centre Live Aid stint in 1985 has popped into my head as a strange parallel). I guess they will be entitled to a long drink when they get back to Paris this evening.

Actually, Folz impresses on a number of levels. For starters, I like the way he seems to enjoy giving a very full answer to a question. And as I am linguistically challenged (have just about mastered rudimentary English, spoken French is of the basic survival variety, peppered with sign language and 'Franglais') I admire his ability to listen to a convoluted question in either English or French and deliver a detailed response in the other language. That is a cool thing to be able to do.

Anyway, Rob seemed on good form today in spite of shaking off the flu'. He drew my attention to something in today's Financial Times that displays uncharacteristically ribald humour for the pink 'un. Click below link ('brown nosing', if you are unfamiliar with the term, means toadying up to - think about it..). The stuff about the Chinese being incensed by British human rights violations is more subtle perhaps.



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