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Dave Leggett | 4 May 2007

There seems to be a trend for old rock/pop bands to reform. Take That, The Police and even Genesis. Do you remember the energetic British three-piece from the late 1970s called The Jam? I saw them when I was a rather smelly and long-haired student in Pre-Cambrian times (okay, 1981). Great band.

But the band members fell out with each other and went their separate ways. As is often the case, there were subsequent arguments over royalties that involved lawyers etc. Paul Weller went on to have a big career while the other two, well, had less obviously successful careers.

I guess you can't blame them for wanting a bit of 'jam' now.

The Jam minus Paul Weller are reforming and touring Britain as 'From the Jam' (they can't call themselves The Jam for legal reasons). And they've got a Kia Sedona MPV to carry themselves and their gear around. Wouldn't it be great though if Paul Weller got off his pedastal and joined them for a few dates, just for old times' sake?

On the transportation front, it seems that few bands have to make do with a beaten up Ford Transit, Spinal Tap style, these days. Interesting how vehicle makers are seeing the marketing opportunities. Ford does something with an unknown British songwriter that is maybe a little bit controversial. Personally, I find the tone of the ads grates and it's not very rock-and-roll, perhaps.

But good luck to 'From the Jam'.

'Hey, Bruce. Let's get in the Sedona and go a bit wild, perhaps drive by Weller's mansion and make gestures.'

UK: Kia helps spread some of 'The Jam'


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