Blog: Dave LeggettFriends, family and...complete strangers

Dave Leggett | 16 May 2003

Special employee discounts usually have tight conditions attached for all sorts of reasons. I remember my father was entitled to a pretty generous discount on Rover cars when he worked at British Aerospace - the car company's owner before selling it to BMW in '94. He still has an MG-badged Montego purchased under the employee purchase scheme in 1990 and it is in such good nick it deserves to be in a museum. But I digress.

I've just read that GM is making some 200,000 discount coupons available to all of its salaried and hourly employees. A GM spokesperson has said that employees are encouraged to pass the discount coupons over to friends, family members who normally wouldn't be allowed to use the regular family discount, or "perfect strangers" if they please. Perfect strangers? If you want an even cheaper GM, just hang outside the GM factory gates with a sign saying, 'Discount coupon wanted'. Will a discount coupon black market develop and will they find their way on to e-Bay?

Sounds like a slightly desperate ploy by GM. GM and Ford seem to be really going for it now on the 'gimmicky' incentives.


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