Blog: Dave LeggettFriday gremlins

Dave Leggett | 23 February 2007

We've had gremlins in the works this afternoon, so apologies to everyone out there who was trying to access this website earlier but was unable to. The hardworking techies in the engine room have worked their magic and all seems to be well now.

At least the technical difficulties happened on a Friday afternoon when things are relatively quiet. 

We're in TGIF mode now...

A few of us in the office here like to follow the sport of cricket. England's tour Down Under this winter wasn't the best, to put it mildly, even if the one-dayers at the end offered some hope for the team at the upcoming Cricket World Cup. But what about this? Imagine a car made in the shape of a cricket bat. We salute K Sudhakar's engineering ability and his eccentricity. A different kind of 'batmobile'.

Cricket bat car


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