Blog: Dave LeggettFriday feeling..

Dave Leggett | 27 January 2006

Thank goodness it is Friday afternoon. I have had a rather busy day and it has not all been stuff that I have enjoyed immensely, to be honest. A slightly off day for one reason or another. They happen to the best of us. But relief is at hand: I am shortly going to switch off the screens that I spend all day looking at and call it a wrap. And there will be no more phone calls. I am then going to walk out of the front door, inhale some cool, fresh air and climb into a Mini Cooper S (a press car that has come my way, a rare event).

There will then be a rapid drive along some twisty country lanes to a favourite pub where I will have a large glass of refreshing orange juice and remember that I am in fact a human being. And then I will be back in the Mini for some more fun on four wheels. To anyone reading this: I wish you a good weekend.


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