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Simon Warburton | 8 February 2011

It seems the French are going to have to pay a lot more for parking tickets than they used to.

French radio is reporting the standard ticket of EUR11 (US$15) is about to rise to EUR17 - a figure it claims has not changed in 25 years.

It appears the French take a rather relaxed attitude to coughing up for parking over time as well.

Only three out of ten pay the requisite amount and as underground parking in Paris for example can run to EUR20 a day, some prefer to pay the fine.

Having lived in Paris, I can vouch for the fact the average citizen's approach to parking in general reflected that laissez faire approach.

Not content with driving at phenomenal speeds around the capital, parking frequently consisted of bumping the cars around you to secure that spot inches from the chosen café or shop. It didn't help even after living there for some time, I still managed to frequently look the other way crossing the road.

The government estimates it can raise a further EUR250m in these cash-straitened times, but don't underestimate a Frenchman's determination to park as cheaply as possible.


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